"Creep shaming is probably one of the most insidious and anti-equality things you can do. The ability to label men as “creepy” is just one privilege that women enjoy, and a constant source of fear of ostracizing that all men must fear in our society."

AntiBigots, Reddit


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 “Men are afraid women will laugh at them. Women are afraid men will kill them.” -Margaret Atwood

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Reblogging for the Atwood quote, which is showing its truthiness right here.

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so, women have privilege because we call men creepy. ok. that makes sense…in backwards land.

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here’s teh thing, cis dudebros.

stop raping us in disproportionate numbers and stop assuming we’re your sexual property. also, stop cat-calling.

and we’ll magically stop ‘creep shaming’ you.

it’s funny how i don’t creep shame guys from my church as they are comfortable with the mode of physical contact i am and they treat me like (gosh) a human being, not a vagina. ( i realize thatn ot all churchdudes are like this, i’m just citing mine).

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Creep shaming

Creep shaming



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commentary is relevant as fuck

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“creep shaming”… that’s a good one.

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Did you see that? Creep shaming is ONE OF THE MOST ANTI-EQUALITY THINGS. Wtf?

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People I don’t creep-shame:

My men friends who aren’t creepy

People I ‘creep-shame’: that dude who turns up at my bar, follows me around, and informs me of how he used to be scared of me because he thought I was ‘a dyke’ but now he knows he can sleep with me (because he’s seen me with other men) he wants to get to know me. And other creepy dudes.

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Bahahahaha. What a crock of shit.

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dat Atwood quote *____*

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Oh my god

I hate people so much sometimes

This is one of those times.

(Also, <3 that Atwood quote)

You know what’s hilarious? The other day, Community star Gillian Jacobs did an AMA and I got one of my questions in pretty early.

Notice how the post with 5x as much karma as mine (and Gillian Jacobs’ as well) is the one going “Please stop pointing out how weird we are”.

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