Oreo Pride (via Chescaleigh)

A new study links homophobia to weight loss after this week’s Oreo Gay pride debacle.

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For once in my life I would like to watch a video and laugh without feeling as though the body I live in is being attacked or made to be the butt of a joke. The above video is a really good example of how fat prejudice has seeped so far into our society that something like this video can be considered funny and not be taken to task for the harmful messages that are portrayed in the video. Even videos like this with subtle messages about a group of people can be actively harmful and contribute to continuing prejudice.

While the people that are boycotting Kraft foods because Oreo came out in support of LGBTQ+ Pride month are homophobic, joking about how this will cause people to lose weight not only perpetuates the idea that fat people are fat because of the food we consume. It also links class status, body size and bigotry together with the reality that many of the foods that Kraft produces are some of the cheapest food available.

Being prejudice happens regardless of the body a person lives in, their class status or where they live. Fighting for a one group of marginalized people shouldn’t be done on the backs of another.