Tumblr Censoring This is Thin Privilege

Since June of 2012 the tumblr This is Thin Privilege has been inundated with trolls trying to silence and shut down a blog that has been bringing to light the experiences of fat people. Over the last few weeks TITP has tried to contact tumblr support after they noticed that their posts were no longer showing up in tumblr tags and reblogs of their posts are not shown in the notes of each post. While this could just be a bug, Tumblr support has not responded to requests to have these issues fixed. Just last week I was experiencing issues with my own blog and I had a response within an hour after sending in a request for help.

At this point, with tumblr not responding to support tickets, TITP is continuing to post content but they are unable to run their blog as they have been over the last year. If it is tumblr censoring TITP this is yet again another case of tumblr not supporting the social justice community that has grown on tumblr over the past few years.

This is Thin Privilege and I would really appreciate you reblogging this post, to not only support TITP but to also speak out against Tumblr censoring blogs due to troll  complaints. The moderators at TITP hope that they can continue their mission of giving fat people and their experiences a voice.