ACLU Sues School that Outed Native Teen’s Pregnancy



There just aren’t even words for how messed up all of this is. At the very least Shantelle should’ve had the right to share or not share this information with her classmates on her own time and in a way she feels comfortable with. Big ups to Shantelle and what sounds like a very supportive mother bringing in the ACLU and letting people know this isn’t okay. 

The American Civil Liberties Union and the ACLU of New Mexico filed a lawsuit last week behalf of Shantelle Hicks, 15, who was initially kicked out of middle school and then publicly humiliated at an assembly by the school director because she was pregnant.

“It was so embarrassing to have all the other kids staring at me as I walked into the gymnasium,” Hicks said in a statement released by the ACLU. “I didn’t want the whole school to know I was pregnant because it’s not their business, and it wasn’t right for my teachers to single me out.”

Hicks attends Wingate Elementary School, a Bureau of Indian Affairs boarding school, and is currently in the eighth grade. She discovered she was pregnant approximately three weeks before the assembly, and she and her mother told the director of the middle school and two other staff members. They initially responded by kicking her out of school. The ACLU of New Mexico sent a demand letter to the school, informing them that it is illegal to deny a student access to education because of pregnancy status. Wingate readmitted Hicks after four missed days of instruction.

Approximately two weeks later the director of the middle school and another staff member had Hicks stand before the entire middle school at an assembly and announced that she was pregnant. Until that point, no one other than Hicks’ sister knew that she was pregnant.

“Too often, pregnant students face significant barriers or outright discrimination in school,” said Galen Sherwin, staff attorney with the ACLU Women’s Rights Project. “Instead, schools should give pregnant and parenting students the support they need to help them succeed, for both themselves and for their children.”

and PLEASE don’t lose site of the fact that this is a *boarding school*. which means that while this sort of thing probably does happen at public schools—there is a *historical relationship* with pregnant native students and native sexuality and boarding school violence and *genocide* that absolutely can NOT be overlooked here…in other words, this isn’t “slut shaming”—except in how slut shaming is connected to *genocide*.

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