For a long time I have watched as the fat rights community has continued to reinforce problematic sexual and relationship hierarchies in fat positive spaces. As a community we whole-heartedly reject the notion that fat bodies are inherently unhealthy or any other stereotype attached to our fat bodies, but what we don’t address is what I feel is almost a compulsive need to prove to others that we are not those stereotypes. While doing this we ignore the reality that people do fall into the spaces we are trying to not fill by distancing ourselves from them…”

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Also, it’s not my place to say anything about what fat positivity politics should look like, but in case fat positivity folks reading this think that the ideas about “compulsory sexuality” in an article I recently wrote are useful, here it is:

The Ethical Prude: Imagining An Authentic Sex-Negative Feminism - #Compulsory Sexuality

(I’ve linked directly to the bit on “compulsory sexuality” but there’s more before and after)

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