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So apparently, in the last couple of days, there has been a “tag war” here on Tumblr involving #fatspo and #thinspo

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“A more accurate description of fatspo would be something like “fat pride.” Your photos of collarbones and ribcages don’t faze us, because we’ve been seeing thinspo all our lives. When weight loss bloggers make posts like these and tag them as fatspo, however, they make it personal. We don’t hate your ‘cause you’re thin—hell, we don’t even really care what you look like. We hate you ‘cause you’re being douchebags.

I mean, it’s not entirely their fault. They (like us) grew up in a fat-hating space. They (like us) were raised on media that taught them to equate fat with stupidity, laziness, and general unlovability. But Tumblr’s Terms of Service require you to be at least 13 to create an account. By that age, you should be old enough to consider evidence and form your own opinions about the world around you. You should be old enough to know better than to leverage hate at others for the way they look. Change starts with you.

It’s easy to fall in line with the mainstream philosophy. A philosophy that sells us diet books and exercise videos and SlimFast and liposuction and “body-shaping” clothing to fool people into thinking our naked bodies are more socially acceptable than they actually are. Body-positivity isn’t widespread because it’s not marketable. If you’re already comfortable with yourself, you don’t need Maybelline. You were born beautiful.

Imagine living in a culture where 90% of the people you met found your body disgusting to some extent. Then imagine trying to love yourself through all that noise. That is the struggle we body-positive fatties face every day.

So when you say that accepting my body is somehow easier than changing it into a shape society rewards, I have to wonder whether you speak from experience. You don’t get to tell me something is “easy” until you’ve done it yourself. And if you’re still browsing #thinspo, I highly doubt you have.”

The whole thing is worth the read, but this last part really wins the prize.