Martin Luther King Jr. removing a burning cross from his front yard, with his young son beside him. Atlanta, Georgia, 1960.


Martin Luther King Jr. removing a burning cross from his front yard, with his young son beside him. Atlanta, Georgia, 1960.

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To my white followers [tw: racism, appropriation, mentions of murder]



For those of you in the audience who are white: the oppression of every person of color benefits white people. Our economy is based on their suffering. Our privilege is based on their oppression. Even if you are very oppressed on other axes (economic status, disability status, trans* status, etc) you still benefit from white supremacy. This is a fact. 

Most of you seem pretty decent, overall. But since this week I got some ignoramus reblogging posts from me in order to tell me that it’s fine and dandy if they fetishize and exoticize Asian cultures for their own benefit, I’ve lost faith that everyone reading my blog understands some really basic anti-racist concepts. 

If you’re white and you dislike being racist and want to work on unlearning your racism and ending racism in our society at large, you have to realize that if you succeed at creating social change, you will inevitably have to lose a lot of privilege. You will be working day-in and day-out knowing that if you ever succeed, your life will be harder, not easier. There will be no reward except the knowledge that you are doing what is just and right. Your reward will be internal, not external. 

Most of this loss of privilege may not come in our lifetimes, because racism and white supremacy is so deeply institutionalized. But if you’re actually serious about giving up your unfair advantages as a white person, you have to start by giving up a few small privileges. You accept a few small limitations to your self-expression to attempt to stand in solidarity with PoC. 

In order to show full-willing, you shave off your mohawk and dreads. You cover over your most appropriative tattoos. You don’t wear kimonos or other Asian cultural garb for fun. You don’t get to wear blackface for any reason, including cosplay. You don’t say anything is your “spirit animal” or “totem.” There are a host of small but important ways in which white people “express themselves” by appropriating stuff from PoC, and you give up those forms of self-expression when you attempt to become an ally. This is a token gesture. This merely says “Okay, I understand I lose privileges by working to end racism, and I have accepted this fact.”

Black men in the USA have to fear wearing a hoodie outdoors lest they be shot to death. If you can’t give up your oh-so-individual haircut and clothing styles just to show that you acknowledge that violent death based on racism is bad, then you’re committed to racism. 

Mohawks look great! Kimonos are super stylish and well-designed! It’s understandable that you’d like the look of them! But white people habitually steal the “fun parts” of non-white cultures while oppressing and colonizing those same cultures. If you care about that, stop taking the fun stuff and start looking at the facts of white supremacy and colonization. Make at least a token gesture that you care. 

And if you can’t do that, get off my blog, I’m tired of your goddamn racism. 

Hobbitdragon be goin in on y’all asses…

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White supremacy is when White Gay Men TELL BLACK WOMEN that they should be HONORED that a racist stereotype against them is being mimicked and lauded.

White supremacy is forcing Black women into a stereotype and getting upset and insulting them when they do not want to be placed as such.

White supremacy is when white people tell Black people that their ability to use racist stereotypes is more important than respecting the humanity of Black women.

White supremacy is when white gay men believe that they have more of a right to Black women’s identities than BLACK WOMEN.

And of course, this will be reblogged by so called ‘anti-soshul juztiz’ and racist white gay male blogs who don’t give a shit about the people who are fucking harmed by these stereotypes.

A Statement


for a while i hadn’t been wanting to talk about rape discourse within mainstream feminism. one might say i was afraid.

rape is such a sensitive topic. & i felt i would be trivializing it if i talked about what had been on my mind since i came out with the fact that i myself was raped.

which is, that mainstream feminism does a fucking sucky job at examining the politics of rape with in [T]Woc communities and men also.

i was scared to tell white rape survivors, that [T]WoC need space in the survivor conversation as well. that they are dominating it. that they need to recognize [T]WoC are raped at higher rates. that they cannot claim to have survivor solidarity with [T]WoC if they continue to ignore that mainstream feminism is shitty. but as Woc rape survivor, I can no longer worry about white fee fees. i can no longer worry about those who get the most attention, the most services, the most comfort. 

yes, i know, rape culture affects EVERYONE. & makes it so survivors’ experiences aren’t affirmed and we are blamed for our own violation. we all deal with triggers. we all deal with trying to get our lives back. 

but WoC aren’t even seen as victims. ever. we’re always impure. always dirty. always hypersexual. always hoes. white womyn dont have to deal with that. we’re starting from scratch. 

[T]WoC’s suffering from sexual violence will never be accurately recognized until we are recognized throughly as human beings with basic needs & emotions. & mainstream feminism refuses to do that. we will continue to be murdered, raped, and beaten because it is profitable for the US. Mainstream feminism has shown that they side with US imperialism and politics, therefore, white feminists and others who engage in mainstream feminism as is are complicit within [T]WoC’s death and suffering. they are NOT in solidarity with [T]WoC survivors and I can no longer be in solidarity with those who refuse to criticize and complicate mainstream feminism. This is why this blog is crucial, it is important for us to connect with each other, to create spaces where we are resist in our existence, where can talk about the failings of mainstream feminism, where we carve out our own space based on recognizing and affirming each other’s experiences, humanity, and identities. 

with that being sad, i’d just like to say what a rewarding experience for me (& I’m sure all of the other admins) to facilitate this space. thank you all for following. please continue to spread the word. if you feel comfortable, please submit suggestions, critiques, pictures of yourself doing self-care, tips, or stories, and send us questions! You may submit or ask anonymously. 

sending love and encouragement to you all.


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Let’s get a few things straight about racism, white people and their so called “good nature” when it comes to people of color


White people, on the whole, kill me with this notion that the system of whiteness is anything other than destructive and harmful to people of color.

Now, I’m going to talk specifically about American Black folks here, because that’s the history I know, it’s what I live, and because I don’t want to speak on other cultures that ain’t mine.

Now we’re gonna go back to near slavery times. Yes, I know, I can hear y’all now:

Slavery was SOOOO LONG AGO!!!! Get over it!!! We’ve done better!!!!

But have we really?????

Consider the fact that the most popular last names for black people are of white surnames: Jackson, Jefferson, Washington, Cooper, Banks, etc. All slave master surnames, y’all.

If we really cared about the black folks and the welfare of them, why were white southerners IMMEDIATELY STRIPPED OF ALL SLAVE WORKED LANDS? Why weren’t they given to the slaves as reparations?

Why weren’t white southerners IMMEDIATELY STRIPPED of their right to vote in the Union? Last I checked, the existence of the Confederate States was TREASON AGAINST THE UNION.

Why was the Confederate flag not made a symbol of treason and thus BANNED from ever being reproduced under threat of jailtime?

Why were there NO provisions made to aid Black people?

Why was sharecropping allowed to exist in a manner that essentially reenslaved Black people?

Why were the Black Codes allowed to pass? The 13th and 14th Amendments should have superceded those and made them immediately UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

Why were every single petition to get anti-lynching laws to pass in Congress DENIED?

Why were the records of black women being raped on a regular by white southerners erased from the books?

Why was it that multiple presidents essentially IGNORED the violence against black people for simply LIVING?

Why were the Jim Crow laws allowed to exist?

Why were many Black leaders framed and killed for telling the truth about the white supremacy, with little to no recourse from the majority of white people?

Why was it that it took being nearly internationally HUMILIATED by the Soviet Union for them to give us our Civil Rights Act on paper? Why weren’t our Civil Rights guaranteed the moment we got emancipated?

Why is it that black people were allowed to be guinea pigs for science with little to no recognition of the horrors they went through?

Why were government agencies created to allow the butchering of black women’s bodies? Why were these women deemed “unfit” for motherhood?

Why are violent and denigrating stereotypes against black people still allowed to exist in the media today?

Why are  disparities in health care, wealth and education allowed to exist???

If the system of whiteness wasn’t destructive, then why were all of the above allowed to happen under its watch????

I’ll wait on the answer.

Read this.